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We cover all aspects of foundations including strip foundation, raft foundation, step foundation, and piled and ground beam foundations.

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  • Strip foundation
  • Raft foundation
  • Step foundation
  • Piled and ground beam foundations


There are a few different types of foundations you can have. The most common and cost saving would be a strip foundation which is used to support the load bearing walls above. Another is a ‘raft’ foundation which consists of a reinforced concrete slab on the ground. A piled foundation with ground beams is usually used when there is bad ground- usually areas surrounded by trees, built up ground or water table issues.

If you have a building or extension that would potentially be built on slope, the way to form the foundations would be to use a ‘step foundation’. This is when each step in your excavation is of equal length and depth to suit to suit the difference in ground levels.

C25 in strength is ideal for pouring foundations at a semi wet consistency.

Normally, underpinning is required when the structure of the building moves- usually because the soil beneath the structure is no longer supporting the foundations.

The depth of your foundations would depend on the type of ground you have- you would have to dig until you hit solid ground. Usually, they are a minimum width of 450mm and a minimum 300mm in depth.

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